ONE8Y is a community and culture created by Speaker and Author Elijah Frazier. Designed to take you from where you are to where you truly desire to be in life.

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    "It is time for people's live's to stop being victims of chance"

    Born in Cleveland, Ohio, fending for himself and creating was really all that Elijah Frazier knew. Whether it was finding ways to keep himself entertained or figuring out how he was going to eat dinner that night, if he didn’t create it, it didn’t happen. Having an enormous passion for people, he dedicated his life to helping others, which lead him to create his first business, "Occupation by Design." The business had done so well that he was invited back to the very same stage that he wasn’t able to walk in 2006 with his high school graduating class to be the keynote speaker for the graduating class of 2013. It was then that “Futures for Graduates” was created, which has now been pulled under the umbrella of the lifestyle brand "ONE8Y". Elijah's belief is that everyone can live a purposeful, fulfilling life that actually brings about change to the world around them by focusing on areas of their lives that require a complete "180 degree" shift in thinking or action. Elijah thanks his beautiful wife and 3 adorable kids, who inspire him to give hope, spread love & motivate the world.

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    The vision of ONE8Y is to help people go from where ever they are in life to where they truly desire to be, by way of bringing a dream or passion into reality. Or simply creating a happier healthier life. ONE8Y's vision has a mission. With the purchase of every book, every speaking engagement booked and every enrollment into ONE8Y University, the ONE8Y organization gives career placement & entrepreneurial options to students who may not have college as an option or interest.

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